5 Creative Tips for Choosing Colours for Your New Home

5 creative tips for choosing colours for your new home

It’s the Aussie dream to live by the beach, river or a lake. Being by the water is in our blood. And what’s screams lifestyle more than waterfront luxury homes?

The great thing is, although it’s that great Aussie dream, it’s an achievable one. You just need the right team by your side, turning that dream into a reality. If you’re working from a blank canvas, one of the biggest questions will be your colour choice.

When it comes to paint, there’s a fine line between too safe and going overboard. You know that canary yellow wall you saw in a magazine and loved? When you’re staring at it every day, you might feel different.

Evoke positive emotions, through paint.   

White, cream, blue… you’ve got all the colours of the rainbow at your feet. It’s good to remind yourself that colour is subjective, so work as a team and decide on your colours as a family.

Here are some helpful tips to help you pick that perfect colour scheme:

  1. Start with your floor and work your way up. The material and look of your floor with impact your paint choice. If you’re going with white floors, don’t be afraid to consider darker tones on your ceiling. Bring your walls together by using one colour. Do the same for your skirting boards.
  2. Match colours to the time. If you’re building a new house with a contemporary look, you can use certain colours to open up the space. Lighter colours are a great option.
  3. What’s the mood of your house? Think about the feeling you want to evoke when you walk in. Is it calm and laid back? Earthy tones and pastels like blues and greens will create that peaceful ambience. For a confident, millennial look, choose a monochromatic blend.
  4. Connect the all the colours together – the paint, flooring, furniture, tiles, and artwork. It’s less about that one colour that the overall picture it portrays.

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  1. Consider light and scale. Going back to that canary yellow in the magazine. Not all colours look as good when in a larger space. Keep in mind scale when exploring your options. Look at potential shades in the space, so you can review with the natural light.

Remember, neutral colours like beige aren’t boring. Dressed up by the interior décor, you can strike the balance between minimal and stylish. Your home designer will work closely with you to decipher your colour.

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Building premium homes by the water takes specialist knowledge. There’s a whole new set of skills to create a waterfront home that will stand the test of time. This means unique building materials and methods, while still keeping within your budget.

At M Sky Homes, we’ve worked with hundreds of families to help them not only create a house, but a lifestyle. Let’s talk about your colour ideas.

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