5 Creatively Easy Ways to Maximise Your Living Space… Even if it’s Small

5 Creatively Easy Ways to Maximise Your Living Space… Even if it’s Small

Are you constantly struggling with limited living space? As luxury two storey home builders, we know how to maximize the use the space you have. You can do this without making your house feel cluttered.

Minimalist designs aren’t just a trend. It doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing on things. Rather, you’re taking full advantage of all that’s available in the modern world. It’s not a cabin in the woods without electricity. Being a minimalist, you make decisions based on what you actually need.

Minimalist Living Space Design Ideas

Here are five ideas to make full use of your space.

1. Go vertical

Just like cities span up as well as out, you can do the same for your living room. Install narrow shelves above and around doorways and utilise the wall area. Depending on the things you’re looking to store, simply adding more storage units that double as tables can be a great option.

vertical space

2. Turn a window into a shelf

If you don’t have enough free space to add a table or shelves in your lounge room, use the window ledge. It can double as a small ‘bookshelf’ and a little relaxing nook.


3. Use slim areas to custom install furniture

Have you got a small area that’s not being used? Can’t fit normal furniture in there? Get something custom made and add it to your living space. Books, ornaments, fireplace logs, photos and even your TV can sit in this area. Custom built ins are perfect for the slightly awkward corner of your living room. This is ideal for rooms that have a sloping roof or angled corner. These areas often go unused.

built in storage

4. Avoid hanging your TV
It’s easy to want to place your TV in the area on the wall that has the most free space. Instead, why not make room for it in your shelving unit. This way, you can free up the wall for your vertical bookshelf. No need for a dedicated study anymore.

home lounge

5. Hang frames & photos behind your sofa
Add a splash of colour to your sofa by putting all your frames resting on a ledge behind it. Run it across the room for the biggest impact. Living room walls are the most underutilized area. Many people think there’s not much you can do with them apart from hang photos. Add a ledge and triple your storage. You’ll enjoy extra floor space doing this.

living space

In every small space, you’ve got to think vertically. Invest in smart, creative storage options like floating shelves and custom build ins. Re-think every part of your room individually. Is there a more efficient way of using that space? Don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

Thinking of building a new home? Go double storey and create more space for your family. Our designs maximize the use of your land, planning around solar passive use, natural light, and energy efficiency.

Let’s build it, from the ground up. Contact us today to build your next custom home.