5 Reasons To Choose A Custom Builder.

5 Reasons To Choose A Custom Builder.

Choose a Custom Home built by MSky Homes in the South West WA, A front facade of a country style home in Dunsborough

Martingale Drive Dunsborough

  1. One of the most significant reasons to choose a Custom Builder is the flexibility of which dealing with a Custom Builder allows you to have. Giving you more input in the building process. Thus, allowing you to make more changes along the way and to help you achieve the outcome you truly pictured.
  2. Dealing with a Custom Home Builder usually means they have less projects on at any one time, allowing more time and resources to dedicate to your project and thus helping deliver a superior quality project.
  3. By engaging a Custom Builder, you will deal with only a couple of people during the whole process. Meaning that less discussions and items get lost in translation. This results in less mistakes and better communication.
  4. When dealing with a Custom Builder you are dealing directly with the Builder not a sales rep. By dealing directly with the Builder you are not paying the commission that you would be paying the sales rep. This could be as much as 3-4% of your contract value.
  5. Choosing a reputable Custom Builder gives you transparency in the costing and no hidden extras. When you receive a quote, ensure that all items have a fixed price and there are no provisional sum allowances. This isn’t always possible in the early stages; however this should be able to be achieved by contact stage. If you are getting more than one quote ensure you have full documentation, including a full set of working drawings, engineering and specifications including all selections. I understand this is a lot of work in the beginning, however, this is the only way to truly ascertain a like for like quote (Comparing apples with apples).

Choosing a Builder is a tough decision and one not to be made lightly as this is one of the biggest investment that you will make take your time to get it right.

Building a home should be a smooth happy journey!