5 Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home

5 signs you’re ready to build a new home

Buying your first home is like starting your career after university. You dip your toes in the property market with a small, entry-level house. But as the years go on, you begin to start flicking through more home magazines – dreaming of that kitchen, that backyard… finally, you decide it’s time to build your own house. Finding the right home builder is the first, and most important, step.

There’s nothing quite like building your own house. You’re not just buying a home, but creating one. The place you spend most of your time, your home, becomes the ultimate expression of your personality, taste, and lifestyle needs.

Think of an artist with a blank canvas. A writer with a blank screen. A sculptor with a mix of ‘things’. This is you, creating your dream home from nothing but your vision. All of those pictures in your memory bank can come to life in your new home design.

Here are five tell-tale signs that you might be ready to start building:

1. You need space

Outgrowing your first home is natural. Whether your family has grown or you simply yearn for that backyard and study, space is something that affects our lifestyle. If you feel like you’re living in a house that’s too small for you, building might be the way to go.


2. You’ve got the budget

It’s generally harder to enter the property market than it is to buy a second house. This is because you don’t have assets or an investment to leverage. Chances are, you’re probably earning more, years later. Building a house isn’t necessarily the more expensive route. However, your budget will affect the construction loans available to you.

3. You know what you want

It can be disheartening visiting dozens of homes and not finding the right fit. Building a home instead of buying, you have control of everything – from the colour of your door knobs through to the layout. You’re the artist.

4. You like a specific area

If there’s an area that you like for its proximity to the beach, shops, schools and other things that ooze lifestyle, building is a great option. You can have both: the dream location and house.


5. You’ve got the time

While there’s never the perfect time to build a house, some moments are better than others. Like in between having baby number one and two, or before you start saving for that one-month Italian adventure. Choosing to build doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s going to take longer. It all depends on the custom home builder you partner with. If the time feels right, go for it.

Award-winning custom home builder

Building a new home doesn’t come around often in your life. Many people only do it once. We want you to enjoy the journey. Our 10-step process starts with an initial consultation and finishes with a site meeting, before handing you the keys.

At M Sky Homes, we take the headache and stress out of building a luxurious, custom home.

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