5 Tips for Creating a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Home

With growing concerns about the environment, eco-friendly home designs are growing in popularity. If you already have ideas about what you’d like your new home to look like, share them with us. If not, we’ll work with you to design a home with environmental qualities that matches your taste. Think durable materials, big windows cut in to bring in breezes, and one-room living spaces.

Green Architecture

To achieve a sustainable home, now and into the future, start from scratch. From room placement to the building products used, there is a multitude of factors that make a home eco-friendly.

It’s about using renewable energy sources, reducing water usage, insulating against weather, and choosing responsibly-sourced products. You can save on electricity costs and do your part for the environment.

From a design perspective, consider things like the placement of trees to provide shade and how your windows are angled to allow for maximum natural light. Materials are important, too, like products that are resistant to pests and water. Where the bedrooms are located also matters.

Here are five additional ways to green-up your home:

  1. Use energy-efficient lighting

In those areas where natural light is low, add long-lasting LED lights to brighten up the space. Your choice of lighting greatly impacts your energy consumption.

energy efficient lighting

  1. Choose products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Check your plants, household products, furniture, and carpets to make sure they don’t contain high levels of VOC. They can easily become carbon and contain other harmful elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, sulphur or nitrogen.

  1. Safe wall coverings

Find paints that won’t emit dangerous substances. If you can, opt for wood panels, cork or ceramic tiles that are eco-friendly. The same goes for your floors. Choose stone, wooden parquet or laminated surfaces.

eco friendly wood panels

  1. Natural wooden furniture

For your furniture, aim for items that are constructed out of organic materials. For example, a table with a wood block base and marble or stone top. Don’t be afraid to go through a custom furniture designer to give the room a personal touch. This way, you can choose bamboo or another eco-friendly option.

  1. Go quality over quantity

Avoid getting tempted by cheap products. Invest in items that’ll last a lifetime. It might cost a tad bit more upfront but it’s a worthwhile investment – for both your pockets and health.

Live consciously with an eco-friendly home

Don’t want to live in a cookie-cutter home that looks the same as all the others? Choose a custom designer instead.

The advantage of going through a custom home builder is you can design a home that’s 100% you. Start with a vision in your mind and watch us bring it to fruition.

We’ve designed dozens of environmentally-friendly properties, so we understand the key features to include in your design. Let’s begin the process today and book in your consultation.

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