6 Point Summer Maintenance Checklist For Your Custom Home

Summer is nearly around the corner. As we welcome a new season, why not give your house a new look, too. Whether you live in a custom home or you’re planning to build one (and you’re still in your first house), taking care of it is essential.

December to March are the months when we’re entertaining the most. The warm weather makes us want to enjoy more time outside, with friends and family. Make sure your house is looking fab with these six tips.

  1. Tidy up your backyard

After the winter months, your entertaining area probably needs some attention. Pull out the hose and spray your deck (if you have one), and wipe down the BBQ and any furniture. See if there’s been any damage caused by strong winds. Check the lights work and look for opportunities to decorate the space to add new life this season.


  1. Inspect plumbing & clear gutters

Winter is unforgiving on your gutters and roof. Hire a team of roof cleaners to make sure your structure is in a good condition. Clearing away leaves and other debris will tidy up its look and prevent any fire risk – this is extremely important during hot summers. If you’ve noticed any water leaks, now is the time to get it fixed.

clean roof

  1. Check your air conditioner

Unless your air conditioner doubles as a heater, you probably haven’t used the system for months. Check that your air conditioner is working efficiently and not producing an odd smell (or noise).

home air conditioner

  1. Clean the bathroom & kitchen grout

Prolong the life of your tiled surfaces by cleaning the grout. You can do this yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to help you. They have the correct equipment to complete this efficiently. Even if you’re entertaining outdoors, your guests will come inside to use the bathroom. Make sure it’s ready by giving your floors a ‘facelift.’

bathroom modern home

  1. Minimise chemicals – avoid deodorisers

While it’s tempting to walk through your home and simply freshen up your home by spraying deodorizers, many of these products are full of nasty chemicals. Avoid these products by opening up your windows and doors. Let the fresh air in and keep your home as natural as possible. It’s a simple ‘maintenance’ tip that so many people forget. Make it a habit and reach for the door handle instead of the spray.

fresh home design

To keep your home looking great and performing well, invest in routine maintenance – especially before the start of the season. Every quarter brings new opportunities to maximise your home.

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