7 Reasons to Build


  1. Your design. Your way. Sit down with Brett and develop a totally unique plan that suites your needs now and in the future. Extend a room. Add a storage area. Define the entertaining area. Add power and electrics to work around your favourite furniture or modify the plan for seniors or those with disabilities.
  2. Energy Efficient Building methods. M Sky Homes cater to the array of building methods that recognise the environment in its different seasons. This makes the home more effective to run and more comfortable to live in.
  3. Multigenerational living. A new trend is emerging where teenagers are staying home longer hence the need for more privacy. More self contained area’s are necessary. M Sky Homes can easily modify your plans for this and turn your home into a manageable investment.
  4. Creating a Smarter Home. Create your home so it works for you. Integrate music, data points, controlled lighting, specific plumbing to kitchen appliances and more. Use modern insulation and anti rodent devices in your ceilings. Modern technologies are a real bonus in your home and save you money over the long term.
  5. Your Home is New. New Kitchen, New Lounge room, New carpets, New flooring, New Bathroom. New Stove. It is yours.
  6. Build step by step of the way with the builder. Brett ensures that quality work and attention to detail are of the most importance. Brett invites you to be part of the whole process.
  7. Already live in an established home but not happy with it? Love the area and don’t want to move? Then look at Renovation options and recreate your home. Turn some else’s old home into yours. Make more space, knock out the old walls, Create a new textured wall. Ask M Sky Homes for suggestions.

There are many benefits to building your home from scratch. Go to our contact page HERE.