Energy Efficient Homes: Why New Homes are More Energy-Efficient

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your family to live, nothing beats an energy efficient custom home. No current house will have every single feature you’d like.

Green, efficient homes are built in a particular way to reduce energy consumption. This is one of the biggest advantages of building a new home – introducing these features from the start in the design.

Old homes vs. new homes (Energy Efficient Homes)

Have you ever been in an older house with high ceilings? Sit in the living room for half an hour during winter with the heater on and chances are, you’ll still be cold. These homes were built differently, without thought to saving energy.

Constructing a new home isn’t only just a great long-term investment, but also help lower utility and energy expenses. In new homes, it takes 20% less energy to heat the internal space. Let’s find out a few other reasons why newer houses are a smart investment.

  • Improved insulation

Modern homes offer much better insulation. Adding to this, electricity and gas used to be cheaper than today. This means heating and cooling older houses takes longer and is more expensive. By building a new home, you’ll benefit from greater efficiency.

improved insulation

  • Energy efficient windows

Your windows are responsible for your house getting cold in winter and hot in summer. Newly-built homes have windows installed that offer a high-level of energy efficiency. Aluminium window frames are still common in WA, and like well-performing vinyl’s, they are a great choice to consider.

energy efficient windows

  • Modern appliances

Almost every appliance in the home has an energy-efficient version. When choosing items for your new home, you can base your decision on the star-ratings. Keep this in mind when searching for an air conditioner, water heater, entertainment, and kitchen appliances. As new technologies continue to hit the market, saving energy becomes easier. Today’s air conditioners, for example, are 50% more efficient than a few decades ago. Solar power is accessible than ever before. If you can, consider a system to make your home as self-sufficient as possible.

energy efficient appliances

  • Greater comfort

Energy efficiency isn’t just about saving money on your power bill. Live more comfortably in a home that’s built to suit your lifestyle needs. You won’t run into cold pockets or feel those uncomfortable drafts. Upstairs won’t be five degrees hotter during summer. It’s these small things that many people forget about, but they make a big difference.

modern home comfort

Invest in an Energy efficient home

Designing a home might feel like a bigger project than buying a pre-built house. But, if you do it right the first time – by that, we mean build a home that matches your taste and future lifestyle needs – you should only need to do it once.

At M Sky Homes, we take the stress out of building a custom home. You won’t have to wait years before moving into your brand new home. Our turnaround is efficient while maintaining a premium quality build.

Let yourself start dreaming about what life will be like.