Why You Should Install Heated Floors

Ever sat in a car with heated seats? You’re instantly impressed.

On those cold wintery mornings, heat up your seat with the click on a button. What’s not to like about that? Us Aussies love heat, so this kind of thing gives us a helping hand during those unforgiving mid-year months.

Our team of custom home builders have got a secret for you.

What’s the first thing you do when you get up? You probably turn the heater on and grab a morning coffee. But travelling through those cold rooms, especially before your first hit of caffeine, seems tough.

If you’re constantly struggling with cold mornings but you don’t want to run the heater all night, there’s a solution for you – heated floors. Just like a car has heated seats, you can make your floors warm, too.

Heated floors are the pinnacle of luxury. You’ll see this feature the most premium floors. It’s often installed in bathrooms to create a warm, cosy vibe. This makes your trips to the bathroom much more bearable on those cold nights and mornings.

Your home will feel like a tropical oasis, year-round, with a heating system. It works by installing the heating under the tiling. It’s connected to a wall control. This means you’re able to set the temperature, based on your personal preference. Cleaning is just as easy, due to their smooth surface.

Unsure whether it’s worth the investment? Let’s go through some of the main advantages.

electic floor heating

Why invest in heated floors?

  1. You can’t see the heater

The heating component is invisible to the untrained eye. It’s covered by ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles. These materials are effective at conducting temperature, unlike wood.

  1. You control the temperature

Think of the control as your universal heating system. It’s connected to an electric control, including a thermostat. Depending on the installer, some heated floor controls include a programmable timer. By the time you wake up, the floors are already nice and toasty.

  1. It’s safe

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your heated floors (or your feet). Every system has prevention components in place to stop from overheating. There’s no fire risk either or concerns about leaving a heater on overnight.

  1. It’s efficient to run

If you’re concerned about a heightened power bill, don’t be. By only heating the floors in the rooms you use, instead of blasting your traditional heater throughout the house, you can save money. All it takes is fore-thought. What are the rooms you use every morning?

  1. Adds value to your home

Having heating floors as a feature in your house adds commercial value, if you ever choose to sell. Not to mention the benefit to your lifestyle, now.

Bring a slice of luxury to your home with heated floors. Talk to our team to find out whether it’s suitable for your house.

Visit a tropical retreat, without leaving your home.