Reasons to build in the southwest region

Are you thinking about building with M Sky Homes in the Southwest Region of Western Australia? Please read further about our favourite locations and the reasons to build in the Southwest. All of the South West Region is beautiful to live in.



Beautiful natural scenery: The Southwest region of Western Australia is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. The region is home to ancient forests, including the famous karri and jarrah forests, which are some of the tallest trees in the world. The area is also home to beautiful beaches, such as Margaret River and Busselton, which are popular for swimming, surfing, and fishing. The rugged coastline of the region is dotted with rocky headlands, secluded bays, and picturesque lighthouses, providing plenty of opportunities for exploring and taking in the stunning views.


Mild climate: The Southwest region has a mild Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in summer is around 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), while in winter it drops to around 16 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). This means the region enjoys a comfortable year-round climate, with plenty of sunshine, low humidity, and refreshing sea breezes.


Growing economy: The Southwest region has a diverse and growing economy, with a strong focus on tourism, agriculture, and mining. Our region is home to some of Australia’s best wineries, breweries, and restaurants, as well as popular tourist attractions like the Cape to Cape Track, the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, and the Busselton Jetty. In addition, the region is rich in natural resources, including minerals like iron ore, gold, and nickel, which have driven the development of the mining industry in the area. The region also has a strong agricultural sector, with dairy, beef, and sheep farming, as well as horticulture and viticulture.


Strong community: The Southwest region has a close-knit and supportive community, with many local events and activities throughout the year. Our region has a strong arts and culture scene, with regular music festivals, art exhibitions, and theater performances. The region is also home to a number of community organizations and groups, which provide opportunities for socializing and volunteering. The locals in the region are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. They always enjoy sharing their love for the area with visitors and new residents.


Access to amenities: Despite its rural location, the Southwest region has access to a range of amenities. Our region has several hospitals and medical centers, as well as a range of primary and secondary schools. There are also several shopping centers and supermarkets, providing easy access to groceries and household items. In addition, the region has a range of sports and recreation facilities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses.

Cafes and restaurants

The Southwest boasts great cafes and restaurants, offering a plethora of options to choose from on the weekends. Among my favorites is Palmers Winery, where the Balinese duck is an absolute must-try!

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The Southwest region is a great place to build a home or start a business, offering a high quality of life and a strong sense of community.

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