The Top 7 Luxurious Home Design Trends in 2017

the top 7 luxurious home design trends in 2017

You only build your dream home once. And why not go all in and build a luxury two-story home. It all starts with a vision to turn that blank canvas into something that feels like your new home. But sometimes, starting is the hardest.

As well as flicking through magazines, surfing home décor blogs and letting your imagination take over, here’s a list of this year’s top luxurious home design trends.

Forget cookie-cutter homes. Go custom, with a touch of luxury

Consider these features when working with your custom designer.

  1. Neutral – saturated colours

Yep, you’re probably familiar with Instagram’s saturation filter. It doesn’t just make pictures look pretty. Those mustardy, greenery, warm nude tones are hot this year. Don’t be afraid to use earthy shades in your décor.

  1. Brass, chrome & silver

Metal is in, every form of it. Everything good always comes around again. Pick up any home magazine and you’re bound to see metal lamps, lighting solutions, and coffee tables. Metal is sleek and sheek.

  1. Go naturale

Interior designs are also becoming warmer, with natural materials. Think terracotta, cork, and imperfect timber.

  1. Minimalism

While minimal designs aren’t necessarily a 2017 trend, they’re still as popular as ever. As our lives get busier, the desire for simple, uncluttered living grows. This includes multi-purposes spaces – like island kitchen tables doubling as your workstation.

  1. Furniture as art

We tend to think of furniture as something we use. And while this is usually the case, this year things are changing. Walk into a modern, luxury home and you’ll see a unique chair or bench that’s strategically placed there, as art. Like a beautiful painting can command a room, so can that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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  1. Holiday living

While it’s not always possible to go on a holiday, you can design your home like you’re on one. You know that big, luxury bath you once enjoyed in your Bali villa? Why not add it into your own home. Decorate your home with your favourite culture or country in mind.

  1. Sustainability

As our understanding of our role in the environment, so does our passion for creating sustainably spaces to live in. This can include integrating solar power, water tanks, and emerging eco-technology. During the design, consider factors like opening up your home and maximise the use of natural light. Your custom home design team will be able to guide you with this.

Your luxury home builders

If you’re thinking about building a house, talk to our team of luxury home builders. While we have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends, we focus more on you. What do you want for your new home? How do you want it to look and feel?

Our team will design, plan and build your luxury two-story home, customised to you. Let’s add some of your favourite top design trends in for that extra something-something.

Just imagine walking into that dream home…

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