Using Lighting to Create a Designer Look

Walk into a cool café. There’s one that we can almost guarantee you’ll see among the latte cups – unique lighting.

The quirkier the better, it seems. There’s ropes of fairy lights suspended from the roof, Scandinavian-style statement light bulbs, and open-plan windows embracing natural light. When it comes to lighting, the more creative the better.

As custom home builders, we’re always looking at lighting. We can help ourselves.

Now, think about your own café, your kitchen. Give it a designer look by updating your lighting. The same goes for the rest of your house. Interior lighting can be the statement feeling of your home’s design. Showcase your personality and taste through your choice of lighting. Plan out the vibe from room to room. What works in your kitchen will be different to your bedroom. What sort of feeling do you want to evoke?

There are many types of themes you can choose from. From vintage and arty to modern and chic, lighting trends are constantly evolving.


Stylish, energy efficient lighting design ideas  

LED ropes are a popular choice for accent lighting. It’s an energy efficient option that looks stylish when used above cabinets, countertops, staircases, and ceilings. You can also place it around kitchen, bathroom and living room mirrors to give them a special touch.

With lighting, don’t be afraid to go bold. Get creative and let your personality out. For your living room and bedroom, why not choose a statement piece to give uniqueness to a room. Blend different lighting materials, including metal, crystals, textures, and finishes. Bring light to every room in a different way, but have a central theme.

Soft gold lighting fixtures is another go-to choice in 2017. Search for soft gold overhead options that attract attention. It could be as simple as a gold lamp next to a sofa.

Retro and industrial are in at the moment, just like in cafes.

Minimalism continues to dominate modern décor. You can add clean lighting into any room in your house. Let the lighting fixture stand out and ‘speak’ for a room.

Embrace your natural light where you can. Floor to ceiling windows, glass doors and skylights all give your home an inviting, friendly vibe. Jazz it up with in-trend, fashionable lighting options. You’ll achieve that perfect balance between natural charm and modern minimalism.

The best thing to do is follow your own style. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home with lighting. Go with your style. Research trends but choose what you like. Put your own vibe to it. The cool thing about lighting is you can update it at any time, at a low cost.

Give your home a stylish new look by simply updating your lights. Need advice? Contact our team today.

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